Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Publisher
So what's the story? Well, way back I started out with a Master of Science in Engineering. Thought programming was the way to realize the ideas in my head. I developed big systems for big companies but somehow missed something and needed to see the results visually.
I then ventured into graphic design bringing lots of visuals to clients as a freelance graphic designer and art director. Still I am doing a lot in this field and this was in the right direction.  It began to relieve my thirst for shapes and color. 
But what to do when you still have singing creatures, funny hats and stories in your head? I had to go into illustration and writing. Especially illustrating and creating stories for kids.
As a kid I thought that either you could draw or you couldn't. Obviously what I drew was definitely not what I had in mind. Much later I discovered that this could be learned. 
So here I am. Now published 2 children's books and more to come. I would love to help you publish yours too and bringing your story to life. 
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If you would like to read my full CV, please see it on LinkedIn.
If you would like to discuss your project or need more details, just send me an email and I will reply within a day or two.
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