loves Garbage - especially the crunchy kind like cans and bottles. He hides in recycle containers and eats with his arms.


 a real drama queen - Loves acting and is called Spotty because of her two spotlight arms. The two spikes on her head glows in the dark.


cuts it all - Loves to sharpen his blades like a cat licks its fur. Not very friendly and cut things like electrical cords, wires and suspenders just for the fun of it.


Loves racing, fast driving and burning rubber. Always off for the next race and has no time for talking. 


Loves to see things grow and develop. Is very wise and patient. Sometimes a bit hard to understand as he thinks long before answering.


Lives under water and creates bubbles with her arm. She attracts small fish with the waving arms, and when close the fish gets sucked into the funnel and yummie!


Does usually not move and does not really se the point of it either. very proud of all its spines. When in the right mood she will grow a flower, mostly for her own sake and to enjoy.


Laughs when going up and down because it tickles. Tends to stuck in weird places. She can pump up the arms which will make her levitate upwards, releasing pressure she goes down. Very naive and friendly.


Loves to make dots and blobdrawings. Always leaves a trail of black behind as he floats. friendly but others are afraid to receive a black hug.


Loves drawing. Is very talented but has a big lack of faith in own abilities.


Deady is the most dangerous of all the DotDots. He may kill other DotDots, if he thinks it is time. Moves very fast using wind made by his clothlike arms. You don’t see the two scythes before it’s to late.


Imaginu has very strange arms. The arms are pure imagination. trying to catch them and you will go right through. He can make anything imaginable with his arms but it is not real. The rumour has it that no one has ever seen his real arms!


Loves to decorate and beautify. is a master of disguise and Can totally change your look with her makeup. very picky about her looks.


Hates disorder and always wants to set things right. Will protect and defend if any unjustice is done. Secretly loves the circus.


Loves cutting and is very fast and precise with his saws. Can be quite grumpy (don’t disturb him while he sleeps!). has bad habit of cutting first and ask questions afterwards.


Loves gazing at the sunset and have hour long conversations about the weather with fellow snail DotDots. Hates stress and to be hurried upon.


Loves moist and water. able to carry quite a lot of liquid and can compress to spray it out in a desired direction. Avoids hot and dry places as it may cause him to stiffen.


Can grow chestnuts out of the spiky arms. Loves to share them with his friends. looks scarry but is friendly and generous.


Loves to give others a big furry hug. Usually occupied in some conversation since she loves to talk. Is afraid of elephants.


likes to flap the umbrella arms in both rain and sun. flies with the wind and can fold into a ball and roll. Gets easily frightened and quickly curls into a ball and may stay like that for hours.

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